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We offer skylight replacement as part of a re-roofing service.

We work with a premier skylight manufacturer in Edmonton and take on the skylight curb preparation work.

If your skylight is close to 25 years, we recommend you replace it with your next roof replacement. 

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Skylight Replacement

Most Edmonton homeowners use the curb-mounted skylight. A curb-mounted skylight allows for a wood curb, 1-1/2" thick, insulated and waterproofed. Their tall curb can also protect the skylight from being covered by snow during the winter. 

The curb-mounted skylight incorporates an aluminum base frame, which is durable and provides insulation values in colder climates. The doom-shaped lid comes in different shades, as well as effectively shed snow off during the winter months. 

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Sun Tunnel Skylight 

Sun tunnel skylights are much smaller. They are ideal for spaces that regular skylights won't fit. Hallways and bathrooms are common places. Within 150 square feet, a small-sized (10") sun tunnel will do the job. Larger areas will require more than one unit, or having a larger sized skylight. 

It's difficult to insulate the sun tunnel, so homeowners may experience condensation during the winter months. Water droplets to the glass are easy to clean and should not be confused with roof leaks.



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If your skylight is close to 25 years, consider replacing it with your next roof replacement. Call 780-246-7597 for information.

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