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Roof Ventilation

Attic condensation can exist for years without being detected. If you have a water leak inside ceiling fixtures, around the attic hatch, or even on your walls, then you may have a condensation problem. This can happen in the winter months, especially when the temperature changes rapidly from low to high.

A good roof ventilation system is inexpensive, but it does require careful planning and installation and Safe Roofing is the right roofing contractor to help you. 

Other possible causes of a roof leak: 

  • missing shingles
  • improper metal flashing workmanship 
  • damaged roofing accessories

Roof ventilation Types

Duraflo offers a wide selection of high-quality roofing vents for the Edmonton homeowners. 

Standard Roof Vent (also called Box Vent) is installed on a sloped, shingled roof to ventilate warm air out from the attic space. The most common ones have a net free area of 50 sq. in.

WeatherPro Turbo Roof Vent (also called Tall Vent) has a much larger 117 sq. in. of net free area and stands tall on the roof.

Ridge Venting allows smooth airflow over the ridgeline, maximizing effective ventilation from the attic space. They feature 18.3 sq. in. per linear feet of net free area.

WeatherPro Slantback (also called Intake Vent) is often used as intake vents when soffit ventilation is blocked.

type of vents Edmonton roofing repair services

Safe Roofing, we also carry premium grade metal vents (Tall Vent) by Ventilation Maximum. 

Wondering which roofing vents for your home, learn more here or contact us directly for answers! 


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