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Roofing Workmanship

Roofing workmanship is a set of procedures and standards to follow. This ensures our roofing work consistently meets the quality standards.

For residential roofing projects, the most important quality controls are Process Control and Quality Inspections.

Process Control defines how work is carried out. It starts by communicating with all key personnel and suppliers before the work begins. As the project proceeds, new information is identified and delivered amongst the team.

Process Control includes the following:

  • Job objectives and workmanship
  • Installation instructions and inspections
  • Work schedule and deadline
  • Review on required license and certification.
  • Documentation and records
  • Training

Quality Inspections identify a list of tasks that will be inspected during and after a roofing work. Each inspection is done via a tour of the worksite to observe and verify compliance with the specification requirements.

Roofing inspections are performed by qualified inspectors and are carried out for each project.

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