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Roof Repair


Roof Repair

Roof Repair 

The Time to Repair your Roof is When the Sun is Shining – John F Kennedy

The most common roof leaks are caused by missing shingles, attic condensation, cracked or damaged roofing accessories, poor chimney flashings, and aged or improper skylight flashings.

Most roof leaks can be easily fixed, and they are inexpensive – between $350 to $600 on average. Some roof problems are much more expensive to repair.  

We also offer roof and attic inspections by our Haag Certified staff. The cost for inspections starts at $300 per case. 

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Roof Repair 

Our Hagg Certified inspector performs a roof inspection, reviewing the surface of the roof as well as the attic. We will inform you of the cause of the roof leak, how to fix it, and the cost. 

We do not offer free quotes for roof repairs because we always need to perform an inspection first. The only exception is "shingle blow-offs", in which case, we only require a picture of the roof damage and can provide a repair quote free of charge. 

The base charge is $300, which covers truck, labour and a basic inspection cost. Sometimes, the base charge can be waived. For example, when the actual repair work is very expensive and in order to help the customer financially, we will waive the base charge. 

Roof Repair plus a Replacement

You may want a temporary roof repair, then a full roof replacement several months later. Homeowners will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $300 in repair fees when a full roof replacement with Safe Roofing happens. 

Leaky Gutters 

If you have leaky gutters, chances are that they need to be cleaned. The cleaning cost starts at $300 per case. 

A full cleaning involves:

  • Sweeping debris and leaves off of the roof.
  • Scooping out debris and leaves from the drain outlet and removing encrusted dirt.
  • Cleaning and clearing any blockages in the drainpipe.

If your gutters are not clogged but have several cracks and leaky corners, they may need to be replaced

Snow Guards 

The minimum cost is $15 per piece. (including both snow guards and labour) The cost is higher on steep roofs (7/12 or higher). 

We use Alpine snow guards.

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