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Roof inspection Edmonton

Roof inspection discovers any problems and assesses the remaining lifespan of a roof. The cost for an Edmonton roof inspection varies between $300 and $600.

Ensure you have no leaks and how long your roof will last by having one of our professional inspectors out today!


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Receive a complimentary roof inspection for every signed roof replacement.

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What is Roof Inspection? 

Roof inspection determines the integrity of a roof and assesses its lifespan.

Roof inspectors are different from home inspectors. A Haag certified residential roofing inspector must inspect a minimum of 100 sloped roofs before completing the qualification process. At Safe Roofing, they are also required to have a minimum of five years of roofing experience before becoming a roof inspector. 

Roof inspections are done from spring to fall every year. Inspections may cover the attic area as well as the roof surface.

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