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Condo Roof Maintenance

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

We inspected and repaired this 26,212 square feet roof on behalf of the condo board to see how much longer the roof has before a full replacement is necessary. Luckily there was no structural deformation or physical damage to the roof.

During our inspection, we determined that the laminated asphalt shingles were less than seven years old. Also, there was no observable curling, clawing, excessive granule loss, blistering or buckling anomalies. The roof deck was not visually observable; however, it appeared to be solid and without any soft spots. We estimated that the roof has at least ten more years until its next replacement.

Repair - Exposed Nail Heads

Exposed nail heads were observed throughout the entire roof surface area. Exposed nails are caused by improper shingle installation which can result in the nails corroding over time and allowing water infiltration. (In some cases of improper shingle installation, the nails are placed below the nailing line.) Exposed nails can corrode over time and the nail holes may enlarge and allow water to seep in.

We remedied this by replacing any shingle with exposed nail heads, reforming a strong seal and barrier.

Repair - Wind Damages

Minor wind damage was observed, especially in the eaves, rakes, and ridges. Shingles were torn away, and several areas had exposed wood. While it is a simple fix, this is an immediate risk of water infiltration and had to be addressed right away. We remove torn shingles and installed new ones in the affected areas.

Repair - Damaged or Improperly Installed Roofing Accessories

Some roof vents were not installed correctly and cracks were observed on the base of the plumbing boot. To remedy this situation we removed the affected roofing vents and plumbing boots and reinstalled them according to manufacturer specifications.

Besides repair works, we also performed general maintenance such as clearing the rooftop debris and cleaning all the roof drains and eavestrough.

Benefits of Periodic Roof Maintenance and Repair

A proactive maintenance program allows the Condo Management to note possible problems before major repairs occur and prolong the lifespan of their roof. A well-designed roof maintenance program can save tens of thousands of dollars for a medium sized condo complex, which can be put toward the cost of a new roof in the long run.

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