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2022 Roofing Questions Answered


Roofing Questions Answered

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How do you measure my roof? We use the Eagleview technology to measure your roof. The roof measurements report from Eagleview features accurate 3D diagrams. The report calculates roof length, pitch, and additional features on residential and commercial properties and includes a summary page with waste calculation.

What is the cost of a new roof? in 2021, the average cost for a roof replacement (house and garage) was $7,500 to $10,000. Please read this page for more information.

What is the lifespan of a new roof? Asphalt roofs last from 15 to up to 30 years. Weather conditions such as temperature swings, extreme cold, wind storms, hail storms, rains, UV rays radiations will shorten the lifespan of an asphalt roof. 

Is rubber roof the best? Euroshield rubber roofing system costs 2.5 times more than an asphalt roof but it offers great benefits that are worth the money.

Does colour affect the lifespan of a roof? Yes. Black asphalt roofing shingles will absorb all wavelengths of light and converts them into heat, so the shingles will get very warm. Roofing shingles will degrade with heat and other environmental factors. 

My shingle warranty is for 50 years. What does that mean? The "50 years" describe the Shingle Warranty Period. The shingle warranty period should not be confused with the lifespan of a new roof. The lifespan of an asphalt roof is much shorter than 50 years. 

Do you replace gutters? Yes, we offer services such as gutters, soffit & fascia, and skylights replacement along with any roof replacement.

Do you repair a leaky skylight? Often a leaky skylight cannot be repaired properly. We encourage homeowners to replace their skylight with the roof replacement if the skylight is close to 20 years. We do not repair any old, leaky skylights due to liability issues. 

I have a skylight. Should I replace it with my new roof replacement? Skylight typically lasts for 20 years. When your skylight is reaching that age, it is a good idea to replace it with your roof replacement. 

Can I replace the skylight without replacing the entire roof? Sometimes yes, but the cost is much higher. 

What is metal flashing? Metal flashing is a transitional material used on exterior walls and roofs. It is usually made from galvanized/painted metal and is in an L-shape. Metal flashings can effectively block water sipping into your home. Below the picture shows some metal flashings. 

 roofing repair and replacement services

Do you replace all the siding/stucco wall metal flashings with a new roof? No, unless your siding/stucco wall flashings are worn out or were improperly installed previously. Siding/stucco wall metal flashings replacement is beyond the normal roofing scope of work and an additional charge will be applied. The metal flashings cannot be replaced without breaking the stucco wall first. 

Do I need snow guards for my Euroshield rubber roof? Most likely. Starting in 2020, 30 or 50 snow guards are automatically included in every Euroshield roof replacement (per building and its size/structure). If you decide to have more snow guards installed, an additional charge will apply. We can make calculations and location recommendations but it is your responsibility to make a final decision on how many snow guards to be installed. Snow guards can be installed during or after a roof is complete. 

Snow guards can prevent snow avalanches to a degree but there is no 100% guarantee that snow avalanches will not happen no matter what. In the event of personal injury or property damage due to snow accumulation, we (the roofing contractor) will not be held responsible in any shape or form. 

How long will a roof replacement take? 2 or 3 days for an average-sized asphalt roof. 

Do I need to be at home for my roof replacement? No. 

Do you clean the job site? Yes, every day. 

Do you clean the gutters? Yes, a basic gutter clean is included in the roof replacement at no additional cost. 

Do you replace roofs in the rain? We will only tear off old shingles that can be replaced with new ones on the same day. We use synthetic roofing underlayment to cover the exposed areas. They are able to resist wind gusts and rains.

Do you have insurance and WCB coverage? We carry a 5-million business liability insurance and WCB coverages for each worker. 

Is there a downpayment required? No. 

What is your payment term? due in 5 days from the invoice date. We take personal cheques or e-transfers. 

When do I get my warranties? After we receive the payment in full. 

Do you do snow removal? Yes.

Updated: Mar 2022

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2022 Roofing Questions Answered

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