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Chimney Repair and Waterproofing

Brick Chimney Required New Flashing and Wood Sheathing

Older homes may need additional repairs done during the roof replacement process. In this project we repaired a large chimney that had that two major issues:

  1. The wood sheathing was rotting and
  2. The chimney flashings were worn out.

The first thing we did was replace the rotten roof sheathing because they can no longer support the weight of a roof, nor can it hold nails.

In addition, a cricket (wood saddle) was installed to redirect water from the high point of a roof in order to prevent pooling. A cricket is required when a chimney is wider than 24” and the roof pitch is 6/12 or greater.

To keep the entire area dry, we installed a layer of waterproof, self-sticking ice & water membrane around the base of the chimney.

The last step was to install the new flashings. In order to form a watertight seal, we used several types of flashings: V-shaped metal flashings, step flashings, cap flashings, and corner step flashings.

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