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Shingle Repair Advice

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Can not decide if you need a roof or shingle repair or a full roof replacement? As Edmonton’s leading roofing contractor, we want to inform you about the most common roof problems. Below is advice on how to identify common roof issues.


Asphalt shingles may buckle over the course of their lifetime. Common causes for shingles buckling include wrinkling of the underlayment, roof deck movement, poor roof ventilation, and applying new shingles over existing shingles.

Advice for buckled shingle repairs:

(1) Remove buckled asphalt shingles and repair wrinkled underlayment before applying new shingles.

(2) Inspect attic ventilation system. Proper ventilation system allows moisture to escape the roofing system, keeping the attic dry and cool. Once the roofing system reaches the proper moisture content the roof should lay flat.

Contact us today and repair your buckled shingles.


Due to age, weather conditions and prolonged sun exposure, asphalt shingles will crack and curl. This means that the shingles have reached the end of their useful life. To prevent further damage, you should seek advice from a professional roofer and consider a complete roof replacement. Contact us if they see this happening on your roof.


Asphalt shingle will stain as a result of dirt, algae, mold and fungus. Dark or blackened shingle may affect the value of your house.

Advice for blackened shingle repair:

Chemically cleaning the shingles is a short-term solution as repeated cleaning will shorten the lifespan of the asphalt shingles. The best way to remove the staining is to completely replace the shingles. By using new “algae-resistant” shingles, you can prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria and stains.


Signs of a damaged roof deck include rotten, split, or warped boards underneath existing shingles. Due to poor protection, roof leaks and ventilation issues commonly occur.

Advice for a damaged roof deck:

You will solve this problem by replacing the roof sheathing before applying new asphalt shingles.

At Safe Roofing, we inspect and fix roof deck issues before applying underlayment and new roof shingles. 


If you see signs of water leakage, then this is a serious problem. Signs of water leakage include: pooling of water, water stains, discolored stains on your walls, and the sound of water drops.

Causes of water leakage

There are several causes of water leakage, such as:

  • poor roof underlayment,
  • worn out roof shingles,
  • bad downspout design,
  • improper installation, or
  • a lack of proper roof maintenance.

Advice on fixing roof leaks

If you see water leaking in your house, you should always call an experienced roofing professional. Problems resulting from roof leaks may be hidden behind the walls. Experts roofers can inspect, identify, and repair and prevent this from happening again.

Prevention is cheaper than repair, contact us today to book a free inspection.


Flashings are transitional roofing materials that connect the roof to skylights, vent pipes, chimneys, valleys, and exhaust ducts. Poor flashing installation reduces the overall appearance of your house, and cause leaks. Don’t risk the possibility of damaging your roofing system. Call our experienced Edmonton roofing contractors for an inspection.


In cold climates like Edmonton, your roofing system could be at risk of ice dams forming along the eaves and in valleys. One of the most common methods to reduce ice damming is to have an efficient ventilation system in place. As backup protection, it is a good idea to install drip edge as well as ice and water shield before installing roof shingles. As the best Edmonton roofing company, we can provide all the essential services and products for your home. Contact us today for information.


Your new roof is a big investment and costs thousands of dollars. If your roof were installed poorly, you’d experience problems and require a shingle repair in less than five years. If the roof shingles are defective, you are facing a second full roof replacement in no time. Both situations are terrible. To avoid expensive shingle repairs, we recommend you hiring a professional roofing company. Warranties are an important part of any complete roofing service. They provide you an ultimate peace-of-mind and financial support in case of problems.

Manufacturer Warranty

Asphalt shingle manufacturers will issue a manufacturer warranty to homeowners. Manufacturer warranty will cover the costs of replacing defective or prematurely damaged shingles. Some warranties cover only the material costs, while others include labor coverage (tear-off and installation).

Materials-Only Warranty

Not all manufacturer warranties are created equal. Therefore, it’s important to obtain a copy of the warranty and read it carefully before signing the contract with a roofing company.

A material-only manufacturer warranty only covers the cost of the replacement materials. It DOES NOT cover the labor cost of removal, installation, and disposal that will need to be done to complete the renovation.

Materials & Labour Warranty

If a manufacturer provides a material and labor warranty, then they will cover the cost of materials and give an allowance for the installation of the new shingles. The specific terms written in the warranty should be reviewed carefully, as there are often conditions, exclusions, or limitations applied to the coverage.


Contractor warranty is issued by individual contractors, such as Safe Roofing, for the quality of workmanship performed on your roof. At Safe Roofing, we believe the quality of work performed is the key in our contractor warranty, which affirms that we have the knowledge, experience, and reputation to ensure that the roof is completed in compliance with the industry standards. Our standard contractor warranty is five years.


Many warranties are “30-year” or “Lifetime” warranties. They do not necessarily mean that your roof shingles are covered for 30 years or a lifetime. Unless the warranty specifically indicates that there is a no dollar limit for the claims on the warranty, a 30-year or lifetime warranty is on a pro-rated basis. This means that the warranty won’t provide the full coverage as time elapses beyond the full protection period. In many instances, material coverage will be reduced, and labor cost is not covered beyond the full protection period.

GAF Standard Limited Warranty Example

1. During the full protection period (first ten years), GAF will pay you the full cost of labor to repair or recover any defective asphalt shingles. GAF will provide replacement shingles, but not pay for shingle tear-off and disposal.

2. After the full protection period, labor cost will no longer be covered. The amount of reimbursement will be reduced (prorated) based on a predetermined calculation.


For your warranty to be valid, a set of specific conditions must be met. The Greater Edmonton Area customers should be aware of some conditions:

(1) The roof deck and ventilation must meet the local building code requirements. The asphalt shingles must be installed following the manufacturer’s instructions.

(2) The person making the warranty claim is the owner of the shingles, or the person is granted a valid transfer from the owner.

(3) The shingles have a manufacturing defect that has resulted in a leak.

Not every manufacturer warranty requires (3). For example, GAF will pay you the cost to repair or do a replacement only if your shingles are defective.


The warranty may not provide coverage for many situations:

  • Damages caused by improper ventilation and installation.
  • “Acts of nature” such as hail, floods, fungus contamination, a tree falling on the roof, and fire.
  • Damages of the interior or exterior of the home. 
  • Labor costs. (extended warranty may provide labor coverage.)

Your potential losses due to a roofing problem could be more than you have anticipated. At Safe Roofing, we practice preventative measures rather than react to problems. For every roof replacement customer, we’ll perform a complete roofing system inspection before commencing a project. This procedure is time-consuming, but the result is extremely positive.


Many warranties require the manufacturer to be notified within 30 days of becoming aware of the alleged concern with your roof. If you don’t notify the manufacturer within this time frame, the warranty may become void.


Although a warranty offers benefits and a peace of mind, the best advice we can give you is to have your roof properly designed, installed and inspected. This process can save you time and money in roof repairs, or have to go through the warranty claim process.

  • Many Edmonton homeowners have been burnt by poor workmanship; therefore, it is important to have a reputable roofing contractor properly install your roof.
  • We encourage you to have the roof thoroughly inspected before purchasing the house.
  • Have homeowners insurance in place.
  • Collect and keep the invoice from your roofing contractor. The invoice should indicate the type of shingles used.
  • Perform roof inspections on a periodic basis.
  • Obtain a copy of the warranty and read it carefully.