ABOUT Meet The Team Behind Safe Roofing

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My name is Benoit Gosselin, and I am a co-owner at Safe Roofing. I started roofing when I was 17 years old and perfected my skills under the mentorship of platinum certified roofers in Quebec. Ten years of roofing experience and tens of thousands of hours of tireless work has made me the professional roofing contractor that I am today. I am proud to be one of Edmonton’s leading roofing contractors.

As a business owner, I believe roofing contractors offer much more than a variety of product selections. A great roofer understands how to build a caring and lasting relationship with their customers. With this goal in mind, Safe Roofing’s focus is on providing quality customer service. It may sound cliché, but we want to put a big smile on your face when your roof is done.

I focus on the operating side of the business, ensuring that you receive the best roof possible. My goal is to help you and elevate the standards in the roofing industry.

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My name is Mimi Fang. I joined Safe Roofing in 2014, and I’m determined to grow this roofing business to a great company. I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant. But my real job title is “Full-time Roof Enthusiast.” I manage the business development side of the company, focusing on: sales, marketing, and customer care. Together, we are growing Safe Roofing and positioning the company to be the new market leader among Edmonton roofing contractors.



As professional roofing contractors we are committed to transparency and accountability to our customers. Operating in an open and honest manner, we establish trust and most of all confidence in our brand throughout the service process.


As part of our mission to deliver service excellence, we provide our customers with:

(1) A detailed roof inspection;

(2) Professional roof installation and repair;

(3) Timely responses to customer questions and concerns; and

(4) A rigorous on-site inspection process.


It is our duty to our customers to operate in an ethical manner. Using industry best practices on and off the construction site has earned us our reputation as one of Edmonton’s most trustworthy roofing companies.


We are a licensed Edmonton roofing company. We provide general liability insurance and WCB coverage to protect our customers and installers from: losses due to property damage, personal injury, and legal issues.

With a commitment to safety, we are also a certified roofing contractor for multiple asphalt shingle manufacturers. (e.g. GAF, IKO and BP)


A great roof will protect your home for decades. As a professional Edmonton roofing contractor, we focus on nailing every piece of shingle with precision and care because we believe our customers deserve great roofs – Safe Roofing

Below is our signature Fifteen Point Safe Roof Process that we follow during every roofing job. We believe being open and honest in our process is the first step in providing quality service.