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Safe Roofing is an Edmonton roofing company specializing in residential roof replacement, roof repair, and roof maintenance. We also provide eaves troughs installation and skylight replacement services.

  • Our job and only job is to identify your needs, making sure you are heard, and help you to attain your needs.
  • We follow the Fifteen Point Process intended to promote transparency and accountability to our customers.
  • We guarantee the best quality workmanship.


At Safe Roofing, we understand how important roofing is for Edmonton and area homeowner. This is why we offer our clients peace of mind through our exceptional warranty program. This program includes:

Contractor WarrantyThis applies to the labour done by the contractor when installing or replacing roof shingles. This gives our clients recourse in case of issues resulting from workmanship error. Safe Roofing’s contractor warranty covers you for up to five years (some conditions may apply).

Manufacturer’s WarrantyThis applies to the replacement of defective shingles for your roofing in Edmonton and area. Some warranties may only cover the cost of the replacement material, while other warranties may also cover the cost of labour involved in installing the new shingles.

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At Safe Roofing, our Edmonton and area customers get to choose the ventilation system they prefer. We offer three grades of ventilation system and ridge venting for our customers:

Standard option: Every roof replacement project includes replacing the old box vents to new ones plus any additional box vents installations at no extra cost.

Mid-grade option: The WeatherPRO PRO Turbo vents stand tall (approximately 16-1/4″) and without any moving part. They are able to vent 1,000 sq.ft. of attic space, regardless of wind speed.

Commercial grade option: The product that we know and trust is the Ventilation Maximum’s Roof Ventilation System – these high efficiency ventilators provide a cool and dry attic space all year round.



As an Edmonton roofing contractor we have built our reputation on our 15-point roofing checklist. Our roofers in Edmonton start with a thorough evaluation of the condition of your entire roofing system including asphalt shingles, ventilation system, soffit & fascia, gutters and even your attic. Once we have determined your home’s unique needs and taken measurements, we will explain every aspect of your quote so you understand exactly what the job will entail. Then we get to work! We take care of every aspect of the job, from delivering the materials to performing thorough safety evaluations and fall protection plans to meticulous cleaning and garbage disposal upon completion. It’s all part of our commitment to your satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your next roofing job.

Our roofers in Edmonton apply the same high standards to roof repairs as we do to complete installations. We will thoroughly examine the extent of damage, and give you a fair, accurate quote before beginning, so you are under no obligation until agreeing. We can source the right products to match your precise needs and ensure a good-as-new look. We will conduct the repairs quickly and efficiently but never cutting corners or compromising safety along the way, and complete work site cleanup and garbage disposal is always a top priority. Trust your repairs to the most trusted roofing contractor in Edmonton. Contact us today for a free quote.

Your roof is one of the most critical elements for your home, but it’s not complete without a proper eavestrough to capture and redirect water away from your home. Our roofers in Edmonton are experts in all aspects of your home’s roofing system, including eavestroughs, and are happy to provide a complete suite of services. Keeping your eavestroughs in good working order is essential to protecting your home from the elements by directing rainwater away from the foundation and helping to protect against side rot. From cleanings and inspections to repairs and replacements, as well as complete installations and special leafguard systems, Safe Roofing has the solution to virtually every eavestrough issue. Contact us today to discuss your eavestrough needs.

No roof is complete without the finishing touches like soffit and fascia. These key elements to your home’s roof help protect the interior from windswept debris, as well as add to your home’s value and curb appeal. As part of our commitment to providing total customer satisfaction, Safe Roofing in Edmonton is pleased to include soffit and fascia installations and repairs as part of our full range of services. Contact us today for an estimate, or to learn more!

A beautiful skylight can be a key element of your home’s style, allowing natural sunlight in and adding to your home’s decor and atmosphere. However, skylights also offer unique challenges to roofing professionals. Our roofers in Edmonton are fully trained and qualified to install or replace skylights as part of a complete roofing system, including all flashing. As part of our dedication to you, we can take care of all aspects of the project, including sourcing the skylight from the vendor of your choice or one of our preferred suppliers. If you have a skylight you’d like to replace, or want one installed with your next roofing project, please contact us today!


We are an Edmonton roofing contractor providing residential roofing services to Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Our roofing services include roof replacement, roof repairs and new construction. As Edmonton’s best roofing company, we offer additional services such as gutter cleaning and protection services, and skylight replacement and installation.

Along with our professional Edmonton roofing services, we offer a comprehensive warranty program to better protect our customers from contractor and manufacture error. Our knowledgeable staff, professional installers, and our Fifteen Point Process make us one of the most dependable roofing companies in Edmonton.