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roof repair

Do you have a roof leak? It’s time to get a roof repair done!

The Time to Repair the Roof is When the Sun is Shining – John F Kennedy

Our Edmonton roof repair service covers roof leak problems, attic insulation, condensation, and roof ventilation issues. The typical cost for roof repair ranges from $300 to $850.



When dealing with an existing roof, repair is always an option, unless the roof shingles are defective, or they have reached or surpassed their useful lifespan. The typical lifespan of an asphalt roof is 15 to 20 years.

Not sure if you need a roof repair or replacement? Contact us at 780-246-7597 and obtain a quick and free roof inspection.


roof vent

The effectiveness of the ventilation system directly affects how the asphalt shingles, sheathing, and framing will last. Unvented or poorly vented roofs will void the manufacturer warranty of your roof shingles and will inevitably cause trouble.

Contact us if you would like to learn about the ventilation products we offer.


A beautiful skylight can be a key element of your home’s style, allowing natural sunlight in and adding to your home’s decor and atmosphere. However, skylights also offer unique challenges to roofing professionals. Our roofers in Edmonton are fully trained and qualified to install or replace skylights as part of a complete roofing system, including all flashing. As part of our dedication to you, we can take care of all aspects of the project, including sourcing the skylight from the vendor of your choice or one of our preferred suppliers. If you have a skylight you’d like to replace, or want one installed with your next roofing project, please contact us today!


roof repair in edmonton

Safe Roofing does so much more than roof repairs in Edmonton. We have a suite of gutter services as well.

Rain gutters and downspouts will only perform when they are free of debris and leaves. When debris and leaves accumulate inside the drain outlets, rainwater will fill the gutters, causing rust to form when exposed to water over long periods of time. In some cases, the weight of water will eventually pull the gutters loose, causing overflow and leading to damage to shingles and even the foundation of the house. You can prevent these potential problems by cleaning and maintaining your gutters twice a year in spring and autumn (or more frequently when your roof is close to, or directly beneath trees).


Safe Roofing’s comprehensive gutter cleaning services

  • Sweep debris and leaves off the roof,
  • Scoop out debris and leaves from the drain outlet and remove encrusted dirt,
  • Drainpipe cleaning,
  • Adjust the slope of the gutters, and
  • Check the gutters and conduct necessary repairs.

You may also consider installing a gutter guard to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging up your gutters. This can help to reduce the amount of labour and costs involved in maintaining your gutters, as they don’t need to be cleaned as frequently.