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Safe Roofing provides two types of roofing warranties: roofing contractor warranty and manufacturer warranty. 

Contractor Warranty – Roofing Contractor Warranty is issued by Safe Roofing. It applies to the roofing labour done and gives you recourse in case of roof leaks resulting from workmanship error. Safe Roofing's contractor warranty covers workmanship for five years.

Manufacturer Warranty – Roofing material manufacturers will issue a manufacturer warranty to homeowners. Manufacturer warranty covers the cost of replacing defective or prematurely damaged roofing shingles. Some warranties cover the cost of material while others include labor, tear-off, and dumping.

Not all manufacturer warranties are created equal. Therefore, it’s important to obtain a copy of the warranty and read it carefully.

Warranty Period – all warranties are “lifetime” warranties. They do not mean that the roofing shingles are covered for a lifetime (i.e. 40 or 50 years). Unless the warranty specifically indicates that the non-prorated period is 40 or 50 years. Most lifetime warranties are on a prorated basis. This means that the warranty will not provide the full coverage as time elapses beyond the full protection period, which is between 5 to 20 years. In many cases, material coverage will be reduced and labor cost is not covered beyond the full protection period.

Safe Roofing is a certified roofing contractor for multiple shingle manufacturers, such as the Building Products of Canada Corp ("BP of Canada"). This means that we can offer you an extended manufacturer warranty. This will better protect your home.

Extended coverage has more benefits:  

  • A much longer non-prorated period up to 50 years
  • More types of coverage (material, labor, tear-off, disposal)
  • Full coverage for shingle repair
  • High wind warranty

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